Gemeinsam für die Umwelt

Together for the environment

Consumption almost always inevitably leads to waste. To avoid this waste, there are already a few many approaches, such as the zero waste life, upcycling and Do-It-Yourself, recycling and plastic-free living. Of course, not everyone has the means to buy the packaging-free, but more expensive alternatives, for example. So-called eco-products are usually still more expensive than their more polluting alternative.

For financially weaker persons, the sustainable lifestyle cannot be lived immerschon with the purchase.Nevertheless, everyone can do something for the environment, regardless of their financial situation.

We proved that last month in Nuremberg, completely free of charge. How do you ask yourselves? It's simple: equipped with tongs, gloves, garbage bags and, of course, the obligatory face mask, five of us set out to clear the Wiesengrund of trash. After only one hour, five trash bags were filled and the park was a bit greener. In this way, we were able to remove already existing garbage from the ecosystem of the park and thus burden our planet a bit less.

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