Reading Mentorship

The problem:

Reading has to be learned. But despite this, there are more and more children whose reading ability is below average and stagnating due to a lack of practical experience and support at school and at home. Many schools are overwhelmed with instruction due to the impact of the Corona pandemic, making regular reading instruction difficult. At the same time, reading together does not take place at home - whether due to migration background, lack of time or simply lack of interest.

The result is children who struggle with reading even through high school and can have major difficulties both professionally and personally as a result.

Our solution:

With our project "Reading Sponsorship", we at Inopia want to do something to help the affected students in these times, and for this purpose we place reading mentors with students who want to take advantage of our help and improve their reading skills. Our reading mentors are members of the Inopia organization, but also students, retirees, professionals, or even private individuals who would like to help children master the elementary skill of reading. Through regular appointments and reading tasks distributed throughout the week, a certain reading routine - and of course the fun of it - should begin. Digital platforms such as Zoom or Skype are used to achieve the best possible communication between pa*ents and students - as soon as the corona-related situation has improved again, face-to-face sessions are also possible. Translated with (free version)

Unser Appell:

Reading has to be learned and is part of basic education. And every person has the right to education.

In this context we would like to cooperate with you and hope to have convinced you of our concept.

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