What is the Greenopia Challenge?

The Greenopia Challenge is a competition designed to promote awareness and proactive action among young people regarding sustainability. This competition aims to support innovative solutions to sustainability problems in the Nuremberg Metropolitan Region.

Why should you Challenge?

The Greenopia Challenge offers you the opportunity to think outside the box by letting your creativity run free and challenging the status quo. Within our competition you can developyour own idea as a concept solution to a problem related to sustainability and interact with motivated young people. Through your participation in this Greenopia Challenge you will learn new skills and be able to use them immediately in your concept solution. Your own field of study or school background do not play a role in your participation. We want to support you in pushing your own idea forward.

The best use cases will receive a prize money of 450 Euro.

How can you participate in the  Greenopia Challenge?

Once you have decided on one of the challenges listed below, you can fill out and send us the registration form by June 30. (Minimum age 16 years). The participation is 100% free of charge.

You can submit your solution alone or in a team max. 4 persons) as a as a video video or PowerPoint in PDF format until July 15th. You do not need any previous knowledge. On the way to the successful implementation of your idea,we will give you access to useful webinars, tips and tricks. as a video From July 15, we will inform you whether your solution has made it to the finals.

As a finalist, you will have the chance to present your idea to a jury of experts at an online event and convince them of your idea.

Your Benefits

  • - Prize money for the best use cases

  • - Potential further development of the idea with our corporate partners

  • - Helpful links and webinars for creating use cases

  • - Help make Nuremberg a little bit greener

Our Challenges 

Sustainable mobility concept

The increase in population in the Nuremberg Metropolitan Region is the cause of the increase in automobile traffic. This brings with it further sustainability problems, such as an increase in emissions, noise, accidents and pollution. 

How would you solve this traffic problem and make Nuremberg greener? 

Waste pollution

Conscious handling of waste is the be-all and end-all of sustainability. Lack of education about the harmful consequences of casually throwing away waste is an acute problem today. 

What incentives would you set so that people are more aware of their waste and don't throw it on the street?

Food waste

12 million tons. That's how much food waste there is in Germany.

Unlike some countries, where millions of people go hungry, in others fresh food is thrown awayProsperity should not be a reason to be reckless behavior towards food. 

How would you promote the conscious use of food in everyday life?

Challenge process

Challenge registration

until 30.06.2021

Editing the ideas

 15.05. – 15.07.2021

Submission of the solutions

until 15.07.2021

Presentation of final solutions

until 30.07.2021

Our partners

The following companies are supporting us in the Challenge and providing the winning prizes.

You would like to participate in the Greenopia Challenge?

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