Ballot Bins

What are Ballot Bins?

Ballot Bins are ballot boxes that act as an alternative for ashtrays and are also used where they are missing. Ballot Bins provide a question and offer two answer choices with an associated opening. Based on the discarding of cigarette butts, smokers choose an answer. Cigarette butts pile up behind the fire-safe clear glass front, making the result visually apparent.
The questions can be changed at any time. They can be topical, funny or provocative. Gladly also adapted to the local conditions, wherein questions can be asked to current topics. Our Ballot Bins are placed in highly frequented places by smokers.

The problem:

Cigarette butts are the most common waste product according to waste studies. They contain many toxins, such as arsenic, lead and nicotine, which leave permanent damage to the ecosystem. Numerous scientific researches confirm the long-term damage to our planet.

The correct disposal and recycling of this hazardous waste is therefore mandatory. Incorrect disposal harms the environment and, in the final effect of the cycle, also us.

With our Ballot Bins we want to contribute to a clean earth!

Our action:

The goal of our Ballot Bins program is to create lasting awareness among viewers and users and to take action against environmental pollution from cigarette butts.

By placing Ballot Bins, we want to create more sustainability, advocate for recycling and generate a cleaner cityscape.

Ballot Bins actively encourage the environmentally friendly disposal of cigarettes. This disposal option is much more appealing as well as more personalized through questions and their answer options. The likelihood that cigarette butts will end up in a well-placed Ballot Bin is much higher than with a standardized ashtray.

Aktuelle Standorte unserer Ballot Bins:

Ballot Bins FAQ:

How can I support the project?
  • Von Privatpersonen freuen wir uns über eine Spende, sodass wir unsere Ballot Bins an weiteren Orten aufstellen können.

    We also appreciate donations from public institutions and businesses, as well as being contacted about positioning our Ballot Bins or replacing your standard ashtrays with our Ballot Bins.

    Hier geht es zur Spendenplattform.

    This year we participate with our project "Ballot Bins for a clean Nuremberg" in the competition "Youngagement" organized by the city of Nuremberg. 

    Hier hast Du die Möglichkeit für unser Projekt zu voten. 

  • Vielen Dank!
How is the emptying done?

Mithilfe eines Spezialschlüssels öffnet sich die untere Klappe der Ballot Bins, sodass die Zigarettenkippen von uns aufgefangen und luftdicht verpackt werden können.

How is the residual recycling of cigarette butts carried out?

We send the cigarette butts we collect airtight and secure to the non-profit organization TobaCycle from Cologne. TobaCycle recycles the cigarette butts completely!

More information about this ingenious system can be found here.

Where do we get our Ballot Bins?

The Ballot Bins are made of stainless steel and are produced regionally. They are therefore durable and the CO₂ footprint is lower than that of imported Ballot Bins.

How much does a Ballot Bin cost?
  • 257,00 € (wall mounting)

  • 257,00 € (mounting on post)

  • 377,00 € (w. stele without rollers)

  • 431,00 € (w. stele and rollers)

Prices net ex factory

Where are our Ballot Bins located?

Here you will soon find the addresses of our Ballot Bins!

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