Informationen für Geflüchtete aus der Ukraine!

Russia's war of aggression in Ukraine has severely shocked us. We share the call to collect donations for the people of Ukraine and to support as much as possible. More information and the different ways to support can be found below:

Important information for Ukrainians and supporters:

Information for refugees from Ukraine

Here you will find current infromation:

Central Contact Point of the City of Nuremberg for General Assistance

Internationales Haus Nürnberg

Hans-Sachs-Platz 2, 90403 Nürnberg

Monday to Sunday from 10 am to 6 pm

Telephone Hotline of the City of Nuremberg for General Assistance. A "Refugee Service Hotline" has been set up under the telephone number 0911/23133366 The hotline is available from Monday to Sunday from 10 am to 10 10 18 6 pm.

All info at: eldungen/ukraine/#1

App integreat - key contact points at a glance

School, housing, questions about immigration law - in the app you can find everything tailored to Nuremberg at a glance in several languages.

The app is free:

You want to help war refugees in Nuremberg?

You want to support, then offer your support offer on the volunteer platform of the network Ukrainehilfe Nuremberg, whether a donation of time, accompaniment, support, workplace, home, trips.

You can see the login and options in the box above.

1. arrival and accommodation in Bavaria

With a Ukrainian passport you can use public transport for free. Передвижение по Германии:

1.1 Community accommodation

If you need accommodation, go directly to the anchor center by public transport:

Anker-Zentrum Rothenburger Straße 29, 90513 Zirndorf, Tel.: 0911 943 16610
Animals are prohibited in the Anker Center. According to the current status, animals may be taken into the
shared accommodations in Nuremberg.

1.2 Private accommodation

In addition to the shared accommodation, provided by the Bavarian state, there are many times private individuals who offer housing. Here you can find a list of apps and websites:

Only for Nuremberg and surroundings:




1.3 Residence permit

Ukrainian citizens who have already entered Germany without a visa for a short stay can obtain a residence permit for a further stay of 90 days after the 90 days have expired. Due to the current situation in Ukraine, the European Union decided on March 3, 2022 to open the admission procedure for war refugees from Ukraine under the EU Mass Refugee Directive on "temporary protection". This will enable an unbureaucratic procedure for the admission of war refugees from Ukraine in Germany. The residence permit will be issued for one year and can be extended.

Displaced persons from Ukraine do not have to go through an asylum procedure. This applies in all European member states.

The right to apply for asylum continues to exist in principle regardless of this, but is not advisable!

This also applies to other nationals who were in Ukraine with a right of residence there at the time the war began.

Persons registered in Nuremberg will receive a residence permit from the Aliens' Registration Office after registration, which also entitles them to work. They do not have to do anything else at first, the foreigners authority will contact them.

The Foreigners' Registration Office has set up a service hotline for questions specifically related to Ukraine. It can be reached at 09 11 / 23 1-1 01 37 from Monday to Friday from 8:30 AM to 12:30 PM.

2. first steps in germany

2.1 Registration in Germany

If you live in a shared accommodation, the registration takes place in Zirndorf. In the case of private accommodation, registration takes place at the registration office in Nuremberg, Fürth or the respective municipality. Registration must take place within the first 90 days. Please go in person, then you will receive a waiting stamp with an appointment.

For the registration is to bring:

  • Passport/Passports
  • Accommodation provider certificate
  • Children under 16 can be represented only by parents, children's passports are required

The registration is necessary to receive social benefits. A so-called "fictitious certificate" is issued after registration.

Registration is also possible without an appointment at the Bürgeramt Mitte in Nuremberg. A confirmation of accommodation must be submitted if you are staying with relatives or acquaintances.


Bürgeramt Mitte
Äußere Laufer Gasse 25
90403 Nürnberg
Monday and Thursday 8:00 - 15:30, Tuesday 10:00 - 17:00, Wednesday and Friday 8:00 -12:30 (
Also without appointment)

2.2 Financial support - social assistance

There is an entitlement to benefits according to the Asylum Seekers Benefits Act § 24 Residence Act. Please contact the social welfare office for this. Upon application, they will receive money for living expenses. The application must be submitted to the Social Welfare Office in Nuremberg:

Social Welfare Office Frauentorgraben 17 90443 Nuremberg Monday - Friday 8:30 - 12:30 (also possible without appointment)

Social benefits will be transferred to a bank account, if available. It can also be the account of the host. If there is no account, a check will be sent to you. Important: You will immediately receive an advance on the benefits to which you are entitled. This applies especially to health insurance coverage. Refugees receive a health care voucher issued for 3 months, which they need for the doctor's appointment.


2.3 Bank account

Refugees from Ukraine have a right to a basic account in Germany - even without a permanent residence in Germany.
In Germany, the majority of payment transactions are processed without cash via banks and savings banks. Moreover, the Ukrainian currency hryvnia cannot be exchanged in Germany at the moment.

To open an account you will need either:

  • With a passport the opening of an account is possible without any problems (§ 12 Abs. 1 Nr. 1 Geldwäschegesetz (GwG)).
  • With the Ukrainian Identity Card it is possible to open a basic account* (§ 11 para. 4 no. 1 Money Laundering Act (GwG)).

When opening an account, you will sometimes be asked for a German tax identification number, which you can apply for via the following website: You can also apply for the tax ID in person or by phone.



2.4 Material resources - furnishings, clothing, meals

If you are looking for inexpensive furniture , beds, clothing and furnishings, they are happy to contact the Bavarian Red Cross.

Bayerisches Rotes Kreuz – Kreisverband Nürnberg-Stadt Sulzbacher Str. 42
90489 Nürnberg
Monday - Friday 8:00 AM - 5:00 PM

Other stores, or if you want to donate yourself, here is a list of drop-off locations: chspenden_sozialreferat_151009.pd

In some places in Nuremberg they receive free meals

Free lunch

Nürnberger Tafel Sigmundstraße 139

13:00 – 15:00

Applications for ID cards can be made from 10:00 a.m. to 12:00 p.m. at any of the issuing offices on the day of opening on presentation of an ID card or passport and proof of income (e.g. Job Center certificate, pension statement, basic income support statement).

More locations:

Kirchengemeinde St. Sebald – Haus eckstein – kostenfreies Frühstück
Every Friday, 10-11 a.m., in the courtyard of the Eckstein, Burgstr. 1-3

3. medical and psychological support

3.1 Medical support

As described in the section on social benefits, you can obtain a medical treatment certificate from the relevant social welfare office with which you can go to the doctor. However, this only covers "acute illnesses" or "pain conditions". In case of emergency, please go to a hospital - here you will be treated. The hospital gets the money back from the social welfare office.

Additional benefits according to the Asylum Seekers' Benefits Act § 6 are:

  • Psychotherapy
  • Language assistant costs
  • Care requirements
  • Additional need for pregnancy, birth Geburt
  • Integration assistance for people with disabilities

In order to receive additional benefits, their assets are checked. 200€ per person may be available to receive social benefits under AsylBLg. Assets in Ukraine are not counted.

List of doctors who treat Ukrainians free of charge without a treatment certificate here.


3.2 Psychosocial counseling

According to the Asylum Seekers' Benefits Act § 6, they receive psychological support.

An overview of the offerings:

Psychological support from the psychosocial centers:

PSZ Nürnberg – Psychosoziales Zentrum für Flüchtlinge St.-Johannis-Mühlgasse 5
90419 Nürnberg
Telefon: +49 (0) 911 – 393 63-62


Basic mental health care:

Further, there is a helpful brochure, "Despite the Crisis, Things Go On," about dealing with anxiety and trauma. You can find a free download here.


3.3 Covid and vaccination

Refugees can get vaccinated free of charge at the three municipal vaccination centers: at the IHK near the main market, at the former N-Ergie customer center at Plärrer and at the former vehicle registration office. Refugees should present a photo ID and their vaccination card, if available.

In addition, the offer of vaccination on the spot and without appointment at vaccination campaigns in the city area is also valid for refugees from Ukraine.

Refugees who have been vaccinated with the Sputnik vaccine or other vaccines not licensed in the EU can receive their first vaccination with BioNTech or Moderna no earlier than four weeks after the last Sputnik vaccination. Vaccination protection is considered complete from the 15th day after the second vaccination.

Refugees can have a rapid test performed free of charge at all testing stations in the city. This is also possible at selected pharmacies. All they need to do is present a photo ID. If this is not available, other proof of identity is sufficient. Persons with a positive rapid test are also entitled to a free confirmatory PCR test.

Overview of the test centers:

4. telecommunications

You can get free SIM cards by showing your Ukrainian passport at the station in the basement in the following stores:

  • Pimp my Phone (basement opposite the Lidl store)
  • Handy Shop (Königstorpassage opposite the entrance to the U1 subway)
  • In the center and in the train station there is free internet through Deutsche Bahn or BayernWLAN.
5. language

Language course Ukraine - German:

For Ukrainians, Goethe-Institut Ukraine offers courses "German for beginners" (A1-A2) in online format at a special price of 7 UAH or 0,25 €. The courses are aimed at adults, children and teenagers.

The offer is addressed to all Ukrainian citizens (proof of passport). The courses start on March 21 and April 18.

Those interested can sign up here starting March 14:

Other offers:

6. jobs and workplaces for home office

Here you can find websites for job search:

Otherwise, you are welcome to contact the Jobcenter in Nuremberg.

If you are looking for a job to work in your original job from Germany in Nuremberg, please contact:

7. school and kindergarten

Children and young people who arrive in Nuremberg from Ukraine should have a normal everyday life again as quickly as possible. This also includes going to school as quickly as possible. The State Education Office offers school counseling for Ukrainian refugees who have found accommodation in Nuremberg. Families can register their children at the school office in Lina-Ammon-Strasse 28. Children and adolescents must come together with a parent or guardian. If available, the child's passport, vaccination certificate and school reports must be brought along, as well as a certificate of registration and/or a certificate from the landlord or a rental contract. A bilingual information flyer (German - Ukrainian) can be obtained from here.

The Kitaplatz service center provides advice and support in the search for a place by calling 09 11 / 2 31-1 04 44. Advice is also available on site. Appointments can be made by telephone.

8. apartment search in Germany

Here you can find websites for a long-term apartment:

If you are a host yourself, you can draw up a rental agreement for the provided living space in case of a long-term stay, even if it is not a locked apartment. The social welfare office will pay in advance for the housing provided.

The following should be noted in the lease:

  • This contract must be adjusted to the standard rates.
  • Incidental costs - operating costs such as garbage, property tax, water, sewage - must be listed individually.
  • List heating costs extra
  • Electricity, internet, furnishing is not relevant in the contract and is paid through the person's social benefits.

The rental contract, which has not yet been signed, must be submitted to the Social Welfare Office.

If you receive social benefits - get housing allowance from the social welfare office - please check the current rates.

9. art and culture

Media für kids

Children's films and first German words now in Ukrainian on ARD Mediathek at htlinge