Inopia beim World Cleanup Day

Inopia at World Cleanup Day

This year, World Cleanup Day took place on September 19. It is a day of social action on which private or organized groups pick up litter in various places around the world.

One of the cornerstones of the Inopia Foundation is sustainability, or trying to create awareness for sustainability. It is important to us that everyone - and I mean everyone - can make a big contribution just by doing everyday things like picking up trash.

Moving forward together - that's our motto. And that's why we, too, set out to give garbage in Nuremberg, Passau and Munich a run for its money.

Because that's what it's all about: Together we can achieve a lot, even if we can't always operate in the same places. This solidarity is essential to help sustainability take off.

We used the World Cleanup Day to blur a little the ecological footprint, which these days has already assumed a disturbing, but not irreparable diameter. And if we can't do it for our generation, at least we can do it for our children and our children's children. Together - forward.

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